Steve Matson – Clink at The Liberty Hotel

1.  For which restaurant do you work? For how long have you worked there? What is your Position/Title?
CLINK.  in The Liberty Hotel, three years, lead server

2.  How long have you been in the restaurant industry? 
Six years

3.  What first attracted you to wine?
I was first attracted to wine, working in Clink. Our managers get us very involved with tastings and the wine list.

4.  What is your favorite wine, varietal, or otherwise? Why?
My favorite wine is Rubicon Cask 23 Cab Sav. because it is a very well balanced, flavorful cab and is a very good example of a California wine.

5.  What wine, or country/region of origin, do you wish people would appreciate more?
I think people should consider more Canadian white wines ex: vidal wines and dessert wines

6.  What wine on your list is currently your most successful? Why do you feel that wine is so successful? What wine on your list are you currently most passionate about? Why? 
The most successful wine on our list is probably the “Duckhorn Migration” Pinot Noir. I feel it does so well because it is a very well crafted wine from a reputable winery. It is also very affordable and approachable to someone of any budget and palate.
The wine I’m currently most passionate about is an Italian wine called Saia. Saia is a Nero d’Avola which is my favorite Italian wine for the price. It is an incredible food wine but can be enjoyed on its own. Anyone seeking an affordable and very drinkable Italian wine should try this wine.

7.  How do you train your staff to sell wines with which guests may be less familiar?
We organize tastings once a week with wine reps, as well as wine makers. We try and discuss any wine we sell.

8.  What is your favorite thing about your job?
My constant growth as a knowledgeable food and wine salesperson.

9.  What do you expect to happen, in terms of trends in the world of wine, in the near future? What can the world of wine expect from you in the near future?
I feel that the wine world is heading away from a seemingly stiff and pretentious attitude where only location and price can determine a “good” bottle. I would start looking for good affordable wines to sprout up from all over the world.
I will perhaps move into wine making and brewing beer… after a little schooling of course.

10.  If the world was to end tomorrow and money was no object, what would you choose for your last meal… and of course the pairing?
Inspired by my Chef Joseph Margate, I would start with seared sea scallops paired with